I have a dream

I have a dream
I think, such a big person, there is a dream. In fact, begin from the primary school, I have a dream. Want very much to tell my friends, can afraid they laugh at me, smile at me and still look like a child, it is impractical, think arbitrarily all day long. Then, while wanting to say each time, come to a halt for oneself: People, real is good. But today, I come, to the limit, borrow the thin paper, want dream to say me also suddenly. Even if someone it takes to smile and scold, does not want to mind so many either.

As a child, were shining Bing Xin's young tangerine light, wanted to have a own small tangerine light, at pitch-dark night, show the way for those children; It is slightly a bit bigger, begin not to know which way to go, shouts loudly, want to have a own pen in Lu Xun's world, save some people's soul; At the youth, experience to hurriedly, think where move road own a life time in time of Zhu Ziqing; It is a bit bigger, reading to western Don Quixote, just as become a knight, strolls at the ends of the earth, sweep the not smooth thing all over the world to the limit; Grow up, have some experiences, want to write one's own story, feel or quite there is the one that write. Narcissism think: If others read my story, what kind of idea should it be? Still a bit afraid, oneself Chinese level bad, ability to express insufficient, others can not understand Dongdong that oneself write  

Even if so, I think, I have a dream. Even if unreal, I have pieces of dream, have dream to be fine than a lot of people always. There is an article, probably write Peking University, say there is a blue moon water there, there are a lot of prose families every day, borrow the blue moonlight, is drinking the small wine satisfiedly, read aloud one's own prose. At that time, yearned for very much oneself: If oneself can get there read aloud one's own works some day, let me live, willing too 10 year little. Can hear the water disappear from the earth already, for this reason, I a couple of months sad later, just as one's own dream can't be realized. Later, felt, thought, since already been out, sad and useless; Then have a fantastic idea, reached Beijing some day, let me want to open a blue moon water, gather those men of literature and writing, absorb their quintessence, is drinking the small one's own wine, writing one's own word, reader's own word, is really an auspicious day.

Someone may say, it is excessive to begin purpose again. Nothing have, characters rotten, it is so poor for family to have, think some thing that can not can not up to forever. What they said is the fact, have nothing to refute too oneself. But think, perhaps these are exactly the my having a little. Way to draw lessons from them, explore one's own method, can farther than whom them move perhaps. There is no bottom, it could be apter to accept the thought of gains, the ones that could let oneself go are farther. Find oneself excuse, must think, always can give oneself comfort to find soul so too. At least, I have a dream, there is one that has not been realized yet, but the dream waiting for me to realize.
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However, only have dreams not all right, the key will go to realize it. Perhaps, it is very difficult to realize this dream, it is very difficult: So far as as the one failed in love which loses the lover is like, it is very difficult to resume from sad mood; Look like and pitch the remakable honeybee too, the life hangs by a hair, which dares to have dreams and can be discussed. Meanwhile, perhaps, it is very simple too to realize this dream: Only need to read some articles every day, write one's own gains in depth of comprehension; The stove making a leap forward in the society, smelt it on the pure steel, observe and learn from real life, experience one hundred flavor life. In any case, difficult to be different or easy, become different or frustrate, so long as has thought of my dream, saw the hope, have found the direction, pursue.

Perhaps someone thinks so, also begin to boast, it is impractical. However, think, say, the ones that were written are all facts. Perhaps when others have one's own dreams, he will think so almost. Even if so, one's own dream is oneself, have nothing to do with others. If think of so, does not matter either. So long as oneself diligent, some day, can realize one's own dream. Remember that it seems that someone has said how far from one's own dream, depend on how great one's own resolution is. There is enough great resolution, the real action at the beginning, then, close to the dream.

For a long time, when getting to Mongolia, ride the white horse, carry the knapsack, has been filled with four treasure, come to the │││││││ grassland, write one's own life  

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