People are like the compasses

People are like the compasses
People are just like a piece of compasses with lonely thin foot, it is the people's destiny that the ones that draw are round - -The round is a thing that has already known and already won alone inside; The round is outside that a person is unknown with the thing that is not won; The centre of a circle is the people's life center. As to destiny, the attitude that I hold is " content with what one is " ,My complete letter life, defy the life further. Because I know destiny is fixed number and aggregate of parameter. People such as compasses, rule arm symbolize people loud latent energy most, this congenital latent energy is a fixed number, it is very difficult for people to change it. The rule symbolizes people's subjective efforts intensity at corner, the greater the angle of rule is, the greater representative's diligent intensity is, this acquired efforts are a parameter; It is a big parameter in life to still orientate centre of a circle on anywhere. These parameters are divided into a controllable parameter and not controllable parameter again. Like rule change of corner, diligent level of intensity, that is a controlled parameter, because people's subjective efforts intensity can well depend on people. Controllable sometimes when orienting the centre of a circle, non- controllable sometimes, because is really very helpless sometimes in life, isn't it that oneself want to go where go picture where round go picture is or good luck coincidence involuntarily frequently.

Heaven has decided our natural endowment and natural gift, just as compasses manufacturers have confirmed the length of the rule arm. When we make great efforts to magnify in our rule angle, try hard to go in our largest round of picture, we find we can only it draws to be so heavy round originally, how diligent and unable to let radius that succeed life surmount rule length of armly and then. All our incomes and achievements can only just be limited to this round of ours. Round and other we are unknown too many really with things that is not won, this is everybody's fixed number. Heaven should like this, should happy in round, why a too many one take notice of round and other we lost.

The rule arm of the compasses is short, people's natural gift is high and low. But rule arm long compasses draw round will certainly drawing round and heavy arm short than rule? This is uncertain; Natural gift achievement that high person make will certainly than natural gift low National People's Congress? Likewise, this is uncertain too. Why is this? It is not self-confident because of some persons with tall natural gift that this is, the big compasses just like a long rule arm, can unquestionably draw a very large round if magnify in the angle of rule, but he does not believe that have very long rule arms oneself, unwilling efforts go to magnify in one's own rule angle, so can only just draw a very small round too, this is the greatest regret in life. Another kind of people are only a piece of bow compasses obviously, only have very short rule arms, but it takes the large round to draw one more yet than it hard, the efforts that they risk one's life, but can not still realize one's own one in the end "  The ideal " (actually vain hope)  ,Come to one and blame Heaven and man, regret all the life.

It is important to know one's own limitations, know oneself, understand the actual length of one's own rule arm.

One can draw heavy round more, can open up heavy world more, decided by his talent fundamentally. But if does not go hard by oneself, does not go to magnify in one's own rule angle hard, can not draw a big round too.
In the system of coordinates of life, different quadrants include different contents, the localization of the centre of a circle has influenced our round income inside directly, so orient the centre of a circle, the center of finding the life seems particularly important.

It is much more important than blind picture round to orient the centre of a circle. If it is inaccurate to make a reservation, whether have not found accurately or not orientated centre of a circle on the ideal position because of various reasons, even if you make great efforts to draw a very big and very large round, have got a lot, but the circle still in your life of that point that expects in your ideal most is outside, such you unhappy eventually. So must find the coordinate of centre of a circle in one's own life accurately, the localization of efforts of clearing away all obstacles and surmounting every difficulty is there, then begin to draw one's own ideal round.

The compasses have rule arms and have angles of rule too, there are fixed numbers that there are parameters too in life. People are like the compasses - -Know its fixed number, and does not worship it blindly; Hold parameter its, follow blindly their.

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