How much have unusual experience

This union relying mainly on graduate student is under her dogged and stubborn insistance, " seal " She "some official post " . For her, it is the great encouragement, strengthen her self-confidence greatly, do more and more energetically. She has already exceeded 1.6 meters in height at the age of 14, like an adult. All there is her one activity of a lot of foreign students, for example and dancing, clothing show,etc. on the same stage of graduate students; She work as have thousands of host of Spring Festival Party of audience also 15 that year such as year old. 
Central Song and Dance Ensemble formed a team to go to U.S.A. to perform for the first time at the beginning of 1992. There are headliner such as Wei Wei, Yin Xiumei,etc. in the performer. That time, I reach the airport connecting machine of Houston with daughter, I assist the stage director while performing, she is accompanying the troupe to not only work as the interpreter but also work as a guide, shuttles back and forth between several headliners, easy on "  Chase " Have had " the superstar " ,Take a lot of group photos with them alone, is admired by a group of star fans. This experience, except let her understand " star condition " of China Outside, have further promoted and strengthened her impression of Chinese art and love too. 
How much have unusual experience foreign student early years, they come my home exchange U.S.A. all sorts of joys and sorrows of life sometimes, high Qian is listened attentively to aside. Incomparable influence arises to her immature soul in these experiences, have worked energetically and played a certain role to her hard. Remember one from student that Shanghai come, to migrate to U.S.A. grandparents to make labourer guarantee his economy of running come U.S.A. by early years, just read junior middle school when just been here. Because of grandparents' age being already high and the economic base has not been good, in fact can't give him any economical help, he wants to totally work as a temporary labourer and support the family by oneself. 
I know him, he has already finished the high school in U.S.A., is studying in the electrical machinery department in the university. Educate in the university undergraduate course to be difficult to get scholarship, foreign student tuition want kind thousands of too one year. China general civil servant only salary of dozens of yuan in every month at that time, expect it is impossible for domestic parents to send the tuition to him, can only work as a temporary labourer to earn money desperately by oneself. In more than 1 year after I get to know him, his hair is all that I help what he paid attention to, dig a hole the middle a newspaper, set is cut on the head. Once helping him to move, I am accompanied by daughters me specially and gone with us and " seen the world" ,The experience another one "  The American society "  . This student lived in a quite simple and crude log cabin, he never opened the air conditioner for the electricity of province. Turn on air conditioner take bored people extremely, but he stay in school, library, restaurant mostly definitely summer in Texas, pass at midnight and just go home. What made people inconceivable is, it has been already 56 years since he came to U.S.A., middle and upper to the university from the beginning, all family belongings, including book, there is only a carton of Forth Five-Year Plan Period to cost altogether. On the road to come back, the daughter is surprised all the way, sigh with deep feeling very much. However, she says, his destiny will change soon, so long as accept good education, there is bright future. It was very difficult that it had such feeling that less than the child 10 years old at that time. In foreign student's circle while as a child, came and went and kept in touch with the adults, imperceptibe influence made her thought early riper. 
One day, residing in American singer Yang Song hold special show concert, I was responsible for receiving, take a plane for the daughter "  Take on work " ,Let her do the piano and accompany for the singing of Mr. Song. Mr. Song get music master in China, obtain vocal music doctor in U.S.A., must pass international tournament singer of Grand Prix, still in the American university as the part-time professor, he was once invited to participate in president Clinton's inaugural celebration performance of White House and sing in the Atlanta Olympics. With his professional level, the daughter just 15 years old accompanied for him at that time, really dipped in very big light. He is 4 songs of performance of cooperating with daughter very delightedly. While performing, he introduces very courteously once appearing on the stage: "Very honoured today, please arrive to high Miss Qian to accompany for me. " 
In front of performance, explained according to his oral account, Gao Qian made and put down, wrote the English introduction for the song that he performed. It's interesting, even rehearse and accompany, put down and write the song introduction, and the format design of whole programme is inclusive, high Qian finished with high efficiency after only taking half days. 
With the daughter's growth experience, I realize deeply, parents let the child keep in touch with one's own colleague or friend, it is hard to assess to the influence which the child grows up. Each family and parents will unavoidably have limitation of their life and knowledge, let children keep in touch, exchange with the adult of different backgrounds extensively, can remedy school education and defect of home education, make the child's thought riper.   

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