Question and agony

View and thought of this book, mostly come from my experience of obtaining employment. In daily clinic and clinical work, I witness a lot of escape ripe person, have witnessed the experience that a lot of people work hard for trying to be ripe too. So, there are many true cases in the book. One of the most important principles of the psychotherapy, just keep secret for patient, so, names of the personages of these cases and other details, all pass the change of a certain degree, the principle is not to twist me to get along with the patient under the prerequisite of the truth, try hard to protect the patient's individual privacy.

However, this book is mostly very simple in description of patient's condition, hide some truth, I believe that unavoidable. In fact, psychotherapy complicated course, can get instant result, accomplish in one move while being few, and I have centralized pen and ink too, describe several key parts, this may leave a kind of impression on readers, not only the drama of i.e. my narration to the treatment, but also succinct. The drama is a fact, narrate the succinct situation, perhaps exist too, but I want to supplement one sentence: In most treatments, it is puzzled and depressed that I am standing the long-term one, this is an unavoidable result, just in consideration of readability, the details in one and experiencing, have nearly been omitted completely by me.

Mention " God " ,This book has used traditional man's image without exception, I want to apologize for this too, but do so, it is just the convenience that is narrated, but not I have any deep-rooted sex idea.

As psychologist, I think from the beginning, should explain two loud basic prerequisites of book this. The first prerequisite is: I have no "  Intelligence " With " spirit "  Distinguish, so, in " maturity of spirit " With " maturity of intelligence "  Between,it make clearly either I it distinguish, in fact they for the same thing.

Another prerequisite is, the journey with ripe intelligence is that one is complicated and arduous, and the task of a lifetime. The psychotherapy can offer perfect help for that intelligence is ripe, but it is not the quick, simple treatment forever. I do not belong to the any psychiatric or psychological therapeutics school, will never support Floyd, Jung, A to tie tight simply, or the theories of any ones such as behavioral psychology, shape psychology,etc.. I do not believe that pass the single therapeutic way, single solution, can solve all problems. Certainly, perhaps the single psychotherapy form is helpful, so we should not despise, however, the help that they offered, obviously not only superficial, but also weak.

The journey with ripe intelligence is extremely long, faithful patient of those to me - --They follow me and pass by the most important part of this section of journey - --I will express thanks to them, their journey is my journey too, and most contents of this book, we go through together in fact and everything of study. I want to thank many teachers and counterparts too, among them the most important one is my wife Lily, the role of her person who has spouse, parents, psychotherapy concurrently, her intelligence and generosity, |||| have given me greatest help. 

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