There are one edition of preambles

Lack the way that someone takes  There are one edition of preambles (2) in the 25th anniversary

"This will bring much enlightenment to us. " I continue saying: "A kind of enlightenment is, you have already begun to surmount the restriction of the traditional idea. " Surmount traditional idea while being what is called, to that is to say for a long time, countless people think (think just I! )Thing which others resent. When I explain that surmount the meaning of the traditional idea and great meaning in detail, they totally agree to my view.

Some people call me prophets, some titles of exaggerating its diction that this seems, I can accept, this is only because 

They think, the so-called prophet, it is not that kind that can see the future person clearly, but can read contemporary various persons of signals and characteristics. " lack the way that someone takes " can sell well, mainly because it totally meets the tendency of the day; It is readers' extensive approval, just make it succeed.

25 years before, when this book has been just published, my its destiny of illusion innocently, I think every national big newspapers and periodicals will be appraised to it. Thank God for God's care, in fact, it only gets one and appraises at first   But, what a important appraisal that is! I want say, book this can succeed, a big chunk want, attribute to special Rocco silk then, jasmine of Philippine. The Philippine jasmine is the outstanding writer then, and a reviewer too, in editor's office of book review of " Washington Post ", she has found a advance copy in surprise in the middle of a lot of books. After browsing through the catalogue of this book, she takes it home. Two days later, she require that writes a book review for this book, editor agreed with the book review reluctantly. The Philippine jasmine left his office at once then, also said to him personally before leaving: "I will draft a book review meticulously, I believe this book is sure to become the best seller. " She has not broken one's promise. Comment of her come out, less than one week still, " whether little someone take way " the book, mount " Washington Post " " best best seller book roll " . A few years later, it begins to appear on every national big best-seller list successively, nearly on any best-seller list of the whole country later, will all present its name, this kind of situation is sustained until today, time is as long as nearly 20 years.

I thank the Philippine jasmine then, have another reason. As this book has more and more impressive reputation, she may want to remind me, should keep the prudent and modest attitude, do solid work, continue working well, so say to me: "As you know, it is not the book that you wrote. "

I understand her soon, she to want, say " road which little someone takes " does not my works, but want to say this heartfelt wishes of writing a lot of people out, just like come from God's hands. Even so, this book is not perfect either, all shortcomings should also be taken charge of by me. Though it may have some shortcomings, because its unique value, is still needed by countless people so far. I remember clearly all the time too, in forcing the narrow office, as I stand loneliness on one side, while throwing on one side into the energies for it, like in the unseen world, I have got a kind of help, one kind is mysterious, is like the help from God. Certainly, I do not know where help comes from on earth, but I firmly believe, that kind of peculiar |||| experience is not that I am exclusive. In fact, help, help, help - --It is a final theme of this book. 

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